3 colour image of planets.

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3 colour image of planets.

Is it possible to set the telescope to do a RVB of a planet. 


I'm not sure how go process Saturn to get colours into the photo  

Unfortunately, this is not

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. The planets are very bright, and it is quite difficult to get an image with a telescope as large as the Liverpool Telescope - with its 2m-diameter primary mirror, observations tend to saturate faster than the shutter can close!

To get around this, we use several special glass filters that block out a large fraction of the light. Unfortuately, each planet needs a slightly different set of filters to work, so it is not possible to have all the filters we need to do several different colours for each planet, and so get the set you need to make a nice colour image.

We are always looking for new solutions to the problem, however. In fact, only this week the telescope team were testing a new kind of camera that may allow us to take extra-good, 3-colour images of planets in the future. It is still a long way to go, but you can see the results of their first tests here.


Some of our staff are at

Some of our staff are at another telescope site this week and have just managed to take a 3 colour picture of Saturn using a prototype camera they are developing. You can see the post on their facebook page www.facebook.com/liverpooltelescope each exposure was ust 0.02 seconds long!