Andy Newsam


Andy is the Director of the The Schools' Observatory as well as being one of only two Professors of Astronomy Education and Engagement in the UK!


After a degree in Computational Physics from Warwick University, I moved into astronomy with a PhD in Glasgow studying the motion of galaxies and what that tells us about the density of the universe. After that I moved to Southampton and got my first taste of observational astronomy - using telescopes all over the world and in orbit around it - and became hooked.

Then in 1998 I moved to LJMU to help set up the educational arm of the Liverpool Telescope, which later became the The Schools' Observatory, and I've been here ever since.

Favourite Astronomical Object

Probably the Pleiades, because seeing them in the evening sky tells me that it is going to be a good clear night.

About me

At school, my two favourite subjects were science and drama, and I've been lucky enough keep both as part of my adult life. Science has obviously become my career, but the theatrical urge also gets plenty of opportunities to express itself. I no longer act much myself (having no real talent!), but I do get behind the scenes - mainly designing lighting - and I've also got more involved in the weirder end of performance, including being a founder-member of the highly successful Butlers.

Pronouns: he/him/his

Contact Details

You can contact Andy at