Emma Smith


Project Manager (Job Share)


A Deep-Sea Biogeochemist by training, I’m excited to make the journey from studying the deepest areas of our planet, to sharing incredible knowledge about the deepest realms of space!

I completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences, and PhD studying Deep-Sea Ecosystems, at LJMU and have worked across the university from Central Outreach to the Teaching and Learning Academy.  I’ve also been a Student Advocate, STEM Ambassador, Teaching Support Officer, and Team Leader at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival for several years!

My passion for inspiring others to understand the interdisciplinary nature of all STEM subjects, as well as my experience in studying hard-to-reach, inhospitable places such as the deep-sea (very similar to space!), makes joining the The Schools Observatory a very exciting step for me!

I was also a mature student and didn’t start my undergraduate degree until my late…. Something-or-others!  This makes me incredibly passionate about helping other mature students return to education.  I am also actively involved in Widening Participation Research at LJMU and am an advocate for the transformative power of education.  I believe that education at all levels should be accessible to everyone who wishes to pursue it.

Favourite Astronomical Object

My current favourite astronomical object is Messier 51 (The Whirlpool Galaxy), simply because it is the first image I requested and processed using the Liverpool Telescope.  It blew me away that anyone could access such an incredible image through the The Schools' Observatory and use the same techniques that current professional astronomers use!

About me

I’m a very outdoorsy person and love cycling, hiking, and camping with my friends and family.  I also love crafting – anything from making clothes to making pots, and I’ve recently learned to knit.  My happy place in Liverpool is my allotment, and outside of Liverpool, it has to be the West Coast of Scotland. Mountains and coastline? Yes please!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Contact Details

You can contact Emma at SchoolsObs@ljmu.ac.uk.