Fraser Lewis


NSO Operations Officer


My role is that of NSO Operations Officer. In conjunction with Andy, I'm helping to develop a series of educational resources that teachers and their students can use to help them explore topics around the colour magnitude diagram (CMD). The CMD is a key research tool that allows astronomers to examine subjects such as starbirth, stellar evolution and star death. My role also allows me to try to translate 'pure' LJMU research into a more educational format.

My background in astronomy takes me back to ~2000 when I started my BSc in Physical Science with the Open University (OU) and more formally when I started work with the Faulkes Telescope Project, based at Cardiff University. I completed my PhD in 2012 having studied at the OU. My thesis title is 'Temporal Fluctuations in Accretion Around X-ray Binaries' and looks at the behaviour at optical wavelengths of a particularly energetic set of binary stars, where one component is either a neutron star or black hole. Prior to 2004, I worked for several years in the entertainment industry as a lighting designer and technician for bands and theatre groups.

Favourite Astronomical Object

My favourite astronomical object is the X-ray binary, Circinus X-1, nature's very own particle accelerator!

About me

I enjoy playing ice hockey and cycling, although I'm only likely to be found on my bike on days when it's dry and forecast to stay dry (few and far between in South Wales). I enjoy listening to music with an eclectic mix from Kraftwerk and OMD through to Van Halen and Aerosmith. Favourite TV includes Green Wing and Father Ted.

Contact Details

You can contact Fraser at