Martin Coulby


NSO Teacher Liaison Officer


After graduating in 2001 and leaving Durham University with a degree in Business Finance I spent a few years working in various finance departments for a number of small companies before realising my passion lied elsewhere, namely in education. I returned to university in 2006 and completed a PGCE in Primary Education at Leeds University and embarked on my teaching career the following year. It soon became apparent to me that I was happiest when teaching science and so jumped at the chance to join the NSO team in 2015 and combine my love of science with my passion for education.

Favourite Astronomical Object

The Moon. Beautiful, calming and always present.

About me

Hmm… A stupidly tall Yorkshireman, married man with one son and one dog, a sports obsession, a love for games, fantasy novels and food who happens to enjoy teaching science!


Contact Details

You can email Martin at or phone the NSO on +44 151 231 2940.