Stacey Habergham-Mawson


Project Manager (Job Share)


I graduated in 2008 with a masters degree in Astrophysics and then spent a year doing teacher training to gain an understanding of what goes into life in schools, before coming back into Astrophysics. I completed a PhD and post-doctoral research position working on supernova explosions – when massive stars go bang at the end of their lives! Along side all of this I have been involved in outreach with schools, sharing the passion I have for astronomy with the next generation, whose job it will be to help answer all the questions we can't, and discover the science and technology that will push the human race forward! I joined The Schools' Observatory team in September 2014 and am excited about being part of its future, helping to engage as many students and teachers as possible with the awe-inspiring Universe!

Favourite Astronomical Object

I am biased from my research, but I would have to say the merging galaxy system known as Arp 299 – 2 huge galaxies, like our own Milky Way, which have collided with such energy that it has sparked a burst of star formation in the centre. A typical galaxy like the Milky Way will produce one supernova every ~100 years – Arp 299 has had 7 since 1992!

About me

I love nature and animals and enjoy walking and photography (especially flowers and birds), I also have a pet dog called Bumble (after the cricket commentator). I am a vegetarian and love to grow my own fruit and veg – I long to have my own small holding one day and become self-sufficient! I also love sport and follow football, cricket, NFL and rugby league, and when these aren't on I like to do crafts, especially cross-stitch. I am hugely proud to be from Yorkshire and love my family to bits!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Contact Details

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