Some problems with color images

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Some problems with color images


Im trying to stack and process some images and in all the images i have the same problem. 

For example: I download 3 images of the crab nebula, 1 with the r filter, 1 with the b filter and 1 with the g filter. (I suppose that this filters are red, green and blue). I stack the images in deep sky stacker, but the image still without any colour. If i tried to process the stacked image in photoshop, still monochromatic.

I download the LTImage software but i don´t know how add colour to the image.


If anyone can help me,  I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Daniel



Hi Daniel,

Hi Daniel,

We have full instructions to use LTImage to produce 3-colour images here: 

We also have screencasts if you prefer.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards