IBSE Example

How an IBSE Activity Works

Below is an example of a simple astronomy-themed IBSE activity. It was created by Dr. Sarah Roberts (of the Faulkes Telescope Project) and Dr. Fraser Lewis using data of a variable star (in this instance a delta Scuti or 'dwarf Cepheid') kindly provided by Roger Pickard of the Variable Star Section of the British Astronomical Association. You aren't expected to complete this activity - it's here to give a simple example of what components an IBSE-style activity might contain.

The activity requires 5 separate components

1. A guide to the astronomical photometry software, in this case Muniwin

2. A zipped folder of the data

3. A finder chart which allows the student to see which stars within the image need to be measured - see Figure 1

4. A set of questions and prompts around the activity

5. A worksheet for the students to record their measurements

From this guidance, a student is able to produce a lightcurve of this variable star and make further deductions about its properties.


Figure 1: Finder Chart for NSV 855.
Credit: Roger Pickard, British Astronomical Association