Makali'i Software

Makali'i is a free Windows-based piece of software which allows the user to view FITS images and to perform aperture photometry upon them.

The display level (or contrast) for viewing images can be changed by means of a slider. Photometry can be done by a single click for each star; the results are displayed in a window which can also easily be saved in .csv or .txt format. This makes the data easy to manipulate in a spreadsheet package such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc (a free spreadsheet program with most of the familar features of Microsoft Excel). In addition to photometry, Makali’i can also be used for blinking, stacking and aligning images, combining of colour images, astrometry (the measuring of a star's position), spectroscopy and for calibrating images using flat-fields, dark and bias frames - none of these processes are required for this project. Images can also be notated and saved in a variety of formats including jpegs, bitmaps and PNG files - this can be useful if you wish to create a finder chart or to include the images in a written report.

Along with the software, some teaching materials based on observational research data have been produced are available from the Makali'i websiteMakali'i is a free download for those conducting research, educational and outreach activities. We provide a full set of instructions for performing photometry using Makali'i.

You can try Makali'i for 30 days from installation without registering it. After that, it must be registered for free. When you register, you are issued a serial number, which allows the program to be used without further restriction.

Use the Makali'i' software.

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