Meteor Spotting

Meteor Spotting

This activity involves the pupils going outside during darkness (after school during the winter months would be ideal) and spotting meteors. Meteors are tiny fragments of rock that burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. They are often called ‘Shooting Stars’ although they are definitely not stars!

The less light around you the better for this activity, so try to move well away from the school building, or any street lights, and ideal choose a day when the Moon is not full and bright.

On a normal evening you should see somewhere in the region of 10 meteors per hour, during some of the annual meteor showers this can rise sharply.

For details of the annual showers, take a look at the EarthSky website:


Resources Needed:

  • Warm clothes
  • Clear skies – by far the most important aspect to this activity!
  • Darkness (try to move away from street lights and the lights from the school building)
  • Patience!
60 mins

Age Suitability: 
5 to 7
7 to 11

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