Astronomy for Wellbeing

Connecting with the natural world around you can help your mental and physical health.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Cosmic Yoga

Learn to relax with some cosmic yoga moves. Watch the video to try it yourself.

Keep a Moon Diary

Look up in the sky and notice how the Moon appears to change each day. Keep track by drawing the shape of the Moon that you see in a Moon Diary. You can print out our Moon Diary template or make your own chart to record what you see. 

Walk the Solar System

Take a mindful walk through the entire Solar System. Our printable instructions take you past all 8 planets in only 5 minutes!

Or you can listen to our audio guide as you walk:

Count the Stars

On a clear, dark night, spend some time outside focusing on the number of stars you can see. If you want to, you can also carry out our activity to work out how many stars are visible across the entire sky.

Colour Your Space

We've turned some of our favourite photos of and from the Liverpool Telescope into colouring sheets. Relax and focus while releasing your creative side.

LT Logo Full Moon LT and NRT LT schematic Gibbous Moon NRT inside view NRT outside view

Create a Constellation

A quick and easy craft to make a constellation. Watch the video for instructions on how to make your own picture in the stars.


Office of Astronomy for Development

Learn more about the work the Office of Astronomy for Development is doing on the topic of astronomy for mental health.

Read an article on 'The Intersection between Astronomy and Mental Health' published in Mental Health Matters magazine.