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3 Colour ImagesExplore the NSO

Come and explore the NSO website with us... 

  1. Hunting for Asteroids - You don't want to miss a thing when it comes to asteroid hunting! 
  2. Try and find out the name for the planet Mars in another language. Share a drawing of Mars with us on social media, with its name in English and the other language. 
  3. Learn about the spin of the Earth and how that gives us day and night.
  4. Find the Moon - try out our virtual jigsaw the 'Moonsaic' or start your own Lunar diary.
  5. Say Hello to ATLAS - use data from the Liverpool Telescope to build your own image of the Comet ATLAS or build a model Comet on a Stick.
  6. What a week, we celebrated the Hubble Space Telescope with 3 amazing activities;
    - Count ALL the stars from your home (its easy, honest)
    - Weigh the Universe (little bit harder)
    - Find out what Hubble looked at on your birthday
  7. Take a look outside at night and see What's Up There? Have a go at creating a constellation with food.
  8. Mass Vs. Weight - work out how much you (or an elephant) would weigh on the different planets in our Solar System.
  9. 3 Colour Images - make your own Whirlpool Galaxy!
  10. We have an online Word Search and Moon Jigsaw, or if you have a printer download the Just for Fun PDF with a Spot the Difference, Word Search and a couple of Astro-Doku puzzles. Don’t worry if you get stuck, here are the answers.

  11. Learn all about gravity with our fun Gravity Simulator.

  12. Make your own 3-colour images​. With the NSO and the Liverpool Telescope you can create your own breathtaking colourful images similar to what you might see on TV or in magazines.

  13. Do you have lots of questions about space and not sure where to start finding out the answers? We had a lot of challenging questions given to us in December 2020 by students attending our Christmas event: What would happen if you fell into a black hole? What is a supernova? What is the Universe expanding into? How do you measure the temperature of a star? We've answered these, and many more questions for you. We've grouped the topics into: Exploration, Observing, Planets, Stars, Black holes, the Universe and being an astronomer. Why not learn something new? #LockdownLearning If you have a question you'd like the answer to why not get in touch!

More challenging activities...

  1. Jupiter's day - Is it lunchtime yet? Calculate the length of Jupiter's day by tracking the Great Red Spot.
  2. Calculate your age on another planet - Are you old enough for a pension on Venus?
  3. Weigh the Universe (you will need to count all the stars first, this is the easy part!)


Good luck and don't forget to tag us @SchoolsObs and #ShowTheNSO in any social media posts so we can see what you are all getting up to!