Build the Moon

Build the Moon

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite, and the fifth largest satellite in the entire Solar System. The activities below will help you explore the Moon.

Activity 1: Read about the Moon and then take a go at the Moon Quiz

Activity 2: Have fun completing the NSO Moonsaic (online jigsaw). This image of the Moon was taken with the Liverpool Telescope and includes the location of the NASA Apollo Moon landing sites. 

There are 3 levels to try below: 

Easy (3x3)
Standard (5x5)
Expert (10x10, rotated)


Activity 3: GoObserving to make your own observation of the Moon using the Liverpool Telescope. You need to be registered as an NSO User to make observations of the Moon. It's free to register.

Activity 4: Start a Lunar Diary. You can print it out or make your own chart to record what you see. 

This activity will take you the next 4 weeks to complete!

Every day for the next month, take a look at the sky and look at the shape of the Moon. Draw what you see in the Lunar Diary. If the weather is bad, you could draw a sad face in the box instead. 

When your diary is complete, do you notice a pattern?