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  1. Why isn't my forum post appearing on the site?
  2. How do i add an image to a forum post or comment?


1. Why isn't my forum post appearing on the site?

We do not automatically publish forum posts or comments, they are checked by a member of the NSO before being published. We operate normal office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm UK time) so if you post outside of these times there may be a delay. We may edit any post to remove unsuitable content.


2. How do i add an image to a forum post or comment?

Click the Image icon in the text editor toolbar.

Click on Browser Server

Click on Upload.

Browse your computer and select a file, then click Upload.

The file is then placed into your own space on the server, click Insert file to us it in the text editor.

New Look NSO website

Congratulations NSO team. I've let my astronomy group access it today and they love it! Good job

Mal Beckford

Glebe School


Thanks so much Mal - great to

Thanks so much Mal - great to hear they like the new site! I'm sure many of them will be getting their observations in Image of the Month again too!



Quisiera saber si es posible elegir algun otro objeto que no este en la base de datos predeterminada, quizas se puedan elegir las coordenadas ecuatoriales de cualquier objeto

"I would like to know if it

"I would like to know if it is possible to choose some other object that is not in the default database, maybe you can choose the equatorial coordinates of any object."

Hi djmendicini, a perfectly good question. The short answer is yes, you can, but it's a little trickier as to ensure that what you are requesting to observe complies with the current sky conditions for the telescope and its efficiency. If you go to our 'Go Observing' section, click on 'GCSE Astronomy' and go to either 'Observation of a Nebula or Galaxy' or '3-Colour Observation of a Nebula or Galaxy' you can then set some time constraints for observing. This will then grant you access to observe our entire catalogue and not just the items we have in 'Go Observing' for current conditions. 

Alternatively, if you do wish to submit an observation request with specific coordinates, you can post a request in the 'Go Observing Discussions' in the 'Forum' section of our website with the coordinates and object name. We can then evaluate whether the request is viable for the telescope at this time of year and would let you know as soon as we could.

I hope this answers your question!