Image of the Month - December 2018

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Image of the Month - December 2018

Hi NSO users!

As per, post your lovely images below and this time add a brief description about the object and why you chose it! Feel free to add anything you (how you processed it etc.).

Good luck! 


Caldwell 7

Caldwell 7 is a spiral galaxy located about 8 million light years away in the constellation Camelopardalis which can be observed using binoculars! I choose this galaxy because there have been two reported supernovae there since 2004, SN 1954J and SN2004dj. SN 1954J is particularly interesting as it may be a "supernova imposter" which is a stellar explosion which appears to be a supernova but does not destroy their origin star.


Submitting image of the month By Jack Gunson From St Richards

This is NGC 1514 taken by the Liverpool telescope

Image of the month submission

My submission for image of the month


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Congratulation to Aisling Lucia and thank you to all who entered on our social medias: