Image of the Month - January 2020

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Image of the Month - January 2020

Use the NSO website and LTImage to create your own observation for our Image of the Month competition and win a 50 x 50 cm canvas of your image. You can send us your image in the following ways:

  • Post it here in this forum
  • Post it to our Facebook page
  • Tag @SchoolsObs on Twitter and use the hashtag #NSO_comp
  • Tag @SchoolsObs on Instagram and use the hashtag #NSO_comp

The Only Conditions:
(1) It must be an image (or combined image) taken using the NSO ‘Go Observing’ section of our website (including the archive)
(2) Submissions for each month must be posted on any of the platforms above before 11.59 pm on the last day of that month
(3) The Canvas prize can only be posted to UK/Ireland addresses

Messier 82 3 colour image

Taken for my GCSE astronomy course this image is comprised of 3 images using 3 filters red, green, and blue to produce this colour image in visible light. I combined the images in gimp using the compose tool. M 82 is an active galaxy in an eliptical orbit of another larger galaxy. It passed close to its parent galaxy relatively recently disturbing the gas clouds in its disc and core producing lots of star formation making messier 82 very bright and active.


Congratulations to dalzell9 for winning the January Image of the Month competition. We had lots of lovely images submitted this month, but what really stood out for us was the details that accompanied this image. We love to see how you have used the NSO to learn all about space and dalzell9 nailed it last month.

dalzell9 - we need to hear from your teacher so we can send you your prize and certificate, can you ask them to get in touch with us please: