Chris Hadfield

  • Chris Hadfield in 2011
    Credit: Robert Markowitz/NASA
    Name: Chris Austin Hadfield
  • Born: 29th August 1959
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Occupation: astronaut, test pilot, musician, TV presenter
  • Time in space: 166 days

Chris was the first Canadian to walk in space. He has been an engineer, Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, flown two space shuttle missions, and served as the commander of the International Space Station.

Growing up on a farm in Ontario, Chris watched the Apollo 11 Moon landing on TV, and was inspired to become an astronaut. He was interested in flying, and joined the Air Cadets, and then the Canadian Armed Forces as a test pilot. He also has a master's degree in aviation.

After becoming an astronaut, and visiting the Russian space station Mir, he became the ISS commander. He was responsible for a crew of five astronauts, and ran many scientific experiments on board the space station. Chris posted about life as an astronaut on his social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr), and released videos of himself playing the guitar and singing on board the ISS. He retired from being an astronaut on his return to Earth.