3-Colour Imaging on the Liverpool Telescope

3-Colour LT image of M27
Credit: NSO

By combining images of an object taken through three different filters, we can create colour images. The NSO's Go Observing system and LTImage image processing software now have options to create such images of nebulae (glowing clouds of gas) and galaxies.

In order to guide you through the process of creating colour images using NSO resources, we have created a practical workshop (with step-by-step guide) and two screencast movies. Please click on the following links to access these:

Note that usually, colour images are created from RGB (Red, Green and Blue) images, as happens with televisions and monitors; however, because the telescope's filters are not centred exactly on the Red, Green and Blue regions of the spectrum, the images produced by LTImage will only be approximations of what the human eye will see, albeit pretty good ones if you do it well.