Data Analysis

Student using the NSO
Credit: NSO

Images from telescopes are really science data. This means that we can use the image to make measurements. There are a few steps to take data from a telescope and turn it into something which can be studied. Once those have been done we're ready for the science! This needs special computer programmes called Image Processing or Image Analysis software.

This software takes the image, which is really a huge grid of numbers, and lets you to make measurements. This might be the brightness of a star or the size of a galaxy. The software can study the images in a lot of detail. This lets us find out more about the objects we're looking at than we could from just looking at a picture.

We have made out own software, called LTImage, to help you study your observations. It can make measurements of brightness and size on images from the Liverpool Telescope. LTImage also lets you to scale data and use false colours to see more detail and create beautiful images.