Astronomy Links

This page contains some of the best astronomy links that we have discovered on the world wide web. If you find any useful or exciting astronomy web sites that are not on this list, then please let us know.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - wonderful images of our Universe, together with a brief explanation.
Cosmos Portal - a scientific repository for educational physics and astronomy resources.
UK Space Education Office - promotes the use of space to support the teaching of STEM subjects in UK schools.
European Space Agency - space exploration and astronomy research news from around Europe.
Faulkes Telescope Project - advanced access to robotic telescopes in Hawaii and Australia.
Hands-on Universe - provides advice, activities and tools to help with astronomy related teaching.
Liverpool Telescope - plenty of advanced information about the telescope we use.
NASA - information on space exploration and astronomical discoveries from across the pond.
Portal to the Universe - up-to-date news about astronomy and space science from around the world.
Royal Astronomical Society - professional body for astronomers in the United Kingdom.
Royal Observatory Greenwich - wonderful astronomy resources in the heart of London.
Backyard Astronomy Basics - general introduction to astronomy, telescopes and observing in your back garden.