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New here (sort of)


I'm new to NSO ( but not so new to astrophysics) and I joined since i really wanted to see images from the liverpool telescope in The canary islands!!!

Soo my questions are

- Are there any good software that can process fits files on a chromeOS? 

- also for some reason whenever i want to observe a galaxy cluster or messier 87 it does not let me (not sure why though)

So that is all.

Byee!! - Andro

Hi Andro,

Hi Andro,

We currently only have our free LTImage software working on Windows or a Mac emulator. We hope one day to have a web browser version. But at the moment we are unable to help.

Our observing programmes only show a subset of galaxies that are visible to us. You may not be able to see all of them, but you can search our archives to find specific ones such as M87.

I hope this helps,

Kind regards



Thanks Alison!!

Thanks for helping!!!

I am trying to find software that can process fits files (trying to see if fits liberator 4 is available on my chromebook) still finding alternatives to ltimage :(


Also I will try to see if m87 is there on the archives!!

- Andromeda