NSO Gravity Simulator goes live

Gravity Simulator Screenshot
Gravity Simulator Simulator © NSO

The NSO is pleased to announce the release of our newly developed Gravity Simulator. The simulator is a Flash (v.10) animation that aims to help students get to grips with what can often be a difficult subject.

By providing an interactive tool that students can play with, we hope to show how the effects of gravity can change quite markedly, depending on where in the Solar System you are.

The instructions for the simulator are quite simple .... use your mouse to fling the ball around the screen and watch how it behaves. You can change the environment to see how the ball would act on any of the planets, our Moon or even in zero-gravity.

You can also do a little bit of physics by dropping the ball from a known height and timing its decent in order to get the local acceleration due to gravity (g).

The Gravity Simulator and it's associated workshop can be found at the following links: