Liverpool Telescope offline for routine maintenance : 24th - 28th September

The Liverpool Telescope enclosure

The Liverpool Telescope (LT) will be offline for routine maintenance from the 24th to 28th September inclusive. One of the many tasks will be to clean the telescope's 2 metre mirror; an annual task that can significantly improve the amount of light the telescope can collect. Another major task will be some technical work in preparation for the attachment of a new optical and infra-red camera within the next 12 months.

Unfortunately, the maintenance means that the LT will be offline for around 5 days in total. During this time, NSO users, and indeed professional astronomers, will be unable to get any observations done. That said, you can still use Go Observing to request observations, and these will be taken once the LT is back up and running.

If you are needing images in the meantime, however, you could always look at the many thousands of observations in the LT archive, or even investigate one of the Images of the Month.

Why not keep an eye on the progress of the LT engineers using the live webcam.