Interview with NASA Astronaut - Dr Rhea Seddon

NASA Astronaut - Dr Rhea Seddon
NASA Astronaut - Dr Rhea Seddon

Last summer, we were fortunate enough to receive a visit from former astronaut, Dr Rhea Seddon. Whilst at NASA, Rhea made three trips into space on board the space shuttle, and spent a total of 722 hours in Earth orbit. As a fully trained medical doctor, Rhea provided medical support during her missions, but also conducted a number of experiments to see how the human body is affected by zero gravity.

During her visit, Rhea was kind enough to record an interview, where she talks about her time on the astronaut program, how she came to be an astronaut and how it affected her family life.

We have split that interview into 17 Questions & Answers, which can be downloaded as individual MPEG video files. Once downloaded, the files can be played on most software video players, such as Windows Media Player, Apple Quicktime and RealPlayer.

Please keep in mind that these are large files, so may take some time to download.

  1. Did you ever dream of being an astronaut ? [14 MB]   Download
  2. When did the dream of becoming an astronaut become a real possiblity ? [7.7 MB]   Download
  3. What was your families reaction to becoming an astronaut ? [7.5 MB]   Download
  4. How difficult did you find the astronaut training program ? [17 MB]   Download
  5. How long was your astronaut training and what did it involve ? [16 MB]   Download
  6. What qualifications are required to enter the astronaut training program ? [24 MB]  Download
  7. What is it like just before a space shuttle launch ? [18 MB]   Download
  8. What experiments did you carry out on board the shuttle ? [13 MB]   Download
  9. What has been the proudest moment of your life ? [8.2 MB]   Download
  10. How did you adjust to working in zero gravity ? [14 MB]   Download
  11. Could you tell us about meal times in space ? [20 MB]   Download
  12. What is the role of a medical officer in space ? [14 MB]   Download
  13. What were your happiest and scariest memories of being an astronaut ? [28 MB]   Download
  14. What was it like having two astronauts in the family ? [19 MB]   Download
  15. How does space flight affect the human body ? [20 MB]   Download
  16. Is it difficult to sleep in space ? [17 MB]   Download
  17. Do you think there is life beyond the Solar System ? [8.6 MB]   Download