Poor weather has prevented NSO observations for the past 3 weeks

Satellite image showing island of La Palma
Credit: Meteosat 9 [11/02/2011, 09:00]

Snow, ice, high-humidity and a technical glitch have all but prevented school observations on the Liverpool Telescope (LT) for the past three weeks. Although poor weather can be expected in the La Palma winter, it is not usual to encounter such a sustained period of inactivity. That said, we did manage to obtain a few observations during a short break in the weather on the 7th February, but sadly, the bulk of the NSO back-log remains. Once the weather improves, this back-log should be cleared fairly quickly, but it is just a case of waiting I'm afraid - the medium term forecast suggests very changeable conditions with some rainfall over the weekend (12th/13th Febraury).

We appreciate that many of you will be waiting on observations to use in classroom activities and projects, and delays like this can be very frustrating. However, please don't forget that you also have access to the thousands of NSO Archive observations taken by the telescope since 2004. You may also want to investigate the Image of the Month pages for suitable image data that can be used until the situation improves.