The NSO Director (Andy Newsam) is made a Professor

Professor Andy Newsam
Professor Andy Newsam

Everyone here at the National Schools' Observatory would like to congratulate NSO Director Andy Newsam who has been appointed Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement at the Astrophysics Research Institute. Andy graduated with a BSc in Physics with Computing from the University of Warwick in 1991 then went on to complete his PhD in "Mapping the Large Scale Structure of the Universe" at the University of Glasgow. Following this he worked at the University of Southampton for four years doing post-doctoral research on X-ray surveys, searching for some of the most energetic objects in the universe.

LJMU has been lucky to have Andy for the last 14 years, where he has worked in various roles always with a mind to education and outreach work, while still keeping his hand in on cutting-edge research.

Andy also has many 'hats' that he wears throughout the year from Chair of the local branch of the Institute of Physics to organiser of the Science Butlers - a street theatre group who bring the science of everyday objects to shopping centres and festivals throughout the country.

Speaking about his new appointment, Andy said: "It is obviously a great honour to be awarded this Professorship, but it is also very good for the University to be able to show the importance that we put on sharing the fruits of our research with everyone".

Andy will continue his work for the NSO and for his Science in Society Fellowship (otherwise know as 'Andy's Astro Tour'), so all that remains is to say a huge congratulations to Professor Andy Newsam from all the staff at the ARI.