NSO Galaxy Garden wins Gold Medal at Tatton Park

We are delighted to announce that an NSO sponsored garden has won a Gold Medal at the prestigious 2013 RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. The garden, known as Watch this Space, is an artistic impression of a distant galaxy spiralling around a super-massive black hole. The design is such that visitors can walk through the garden along spiral dust lanes that descend towards the black hole (a sculpture), and experience space amongst the loose foliage and spiral patterns of the plants.

Image showing the
Image showing part of the NSO's "Watch this Space" garden.
Credit: RHS

It may seem strange that the NSO is exhibiting at the RHS Flower Show, but after learning that one of the competition categories at this year's show was Galaxy, we just had to join forces with designers Howard and Dori Miller to submit a design to the Royal Horticultural Society. Despite there being 37 entries to the category, our garden was one of just five selected for the 'Inspire' section of the show, and has been brought to life over the past few weeks with the help of Landstruction (landscapers) and Judy Greaves (sculptor). The show runs from the 25th to 28th July 2013, and if you fancy popping along to see our garden, NSO staff will be available each day to guide visitors around the garden and introduce them to the wonders of astronomy.

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