ESA Release A Level Teaching Films

ESA Launch New Teaching Resources

To mark the successful rondezvous of the ESA 'Automated Transfer Vehicle' with the International Space Station (ISS), the European Space Agency have launched a series of 5 teaching videos (~11 minutes each) - great for introducing A level groups to the concepts of rocketry, orbital mechanics, relativity and much more.

You couldn't be in better company watching these videos as they were also delivered onboard the ISS a few weeks ago!

Written and presented by the UK's own National Space Academy with graphics by ESA, the videos cover the following and are available on the ESA website or on youtube:

ATV-1: Jules Verne - ballistics and multistage rocketry 

ATV-2: Johannes Kepler - elliptical orbits, Kepler's laws and atmospheric drag&nbsp

ATV-3: Edoardo Amaldi - cosmic rays and solar weather 

ATV-4: Albert Einstein - special relativity, general relativity and GPS 

ATV-5: Georges Lemaitre - spectroscopy, Doppler effect and Universal expansion 

If you want a crash course in space science, linked to the A level curriculum this is the place to go!

Best wishes, 

The NSO Team