ROSETTA probe about to touch down!

Rosetta's lander, Philae
DLR Imprint

Rosetta probe, Philae, to touch down TODAY!

The European Space Agency's (ESA) ROSETTA mission is about to take a huge step today when the on-board probe, Philae, tries to land on the surface of a comet for the very first time!

At around 8.30am on the 12th November, Philae detached from Rosetta to start its final journey to the surface of comet 67P and should land around 4pm, a whole 7 hours later! You can follow the Philae lander live on twitter with #CometLanding. The journey so far has taken 10 years and for Philae it ends today!

The Rosetta mission has so far given us the most close up and stunning images of a comet ever seen - and has even taken a selfie near the comet!

Comets are some of the oldest objects in the Solar System and may have brought water to the Earth for the first time - making it what it is today - a haven for life!
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