Our Inaugural Primary Space Christmas Lecture

Dr Stacey Habergham and the children hunting for asteroids!

Liverpool John Moores University hosted our inaugural Primary Space Christmas Lecture this week and we couldn't have asked for a more lively and engaging audience of almost 300! We would like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers, pupils and staff at the Liverpool School of Art and Design (the venue for this event) who made this such a special inaugural lecture.

The lecture was aimed at Key Stage 2 children and discussed topics such as Telescopes, The Solar System, Galaxies and the fact that there are more stars in the Universe than grains of sand on the Earth's beaches!

“The pupils really enjoyed it and it was aimed at the right level. The venue was excellent [with] lovely, helpful staff.”
Mrs Grange from Beech House School, Rochdale.

Professor Andy Newsam would also like to thank Alfie for his assistance in becoming the planet Jupiter in order to demonstrate how far away it is from planet Earth.

Prof Andy Newsam (the Earth) and Alfie (Jupiter)
explaining the scale of the solar system

The NSO team were delighted to engage with so many Primary Schools with our inner city neighbours and visitors from as far afield as Clitheroe, Rochdale and even Greater London! We are looking forward making this an annual event and continually extending our public engagement with all age groups.

“Can I say what a wonderful experience it was! I saw about three hundred young astronomers fully charged, excited and engaged!”
Dr Robert MacDonald from the Liverpool School of Art and Design.


Prof Andy Newsam demonstrating the relative distance between the Earth and the Moon if the Earth were the size of a large marble.

A selection of the letters we received

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