NSO Celebrate Local Physics Talent

Ogden Trust Young Physicists
from across the Wirral and Cheshire
Credit: Sam Walton

The NSO team joined the Ogden Trust in celebrating talented young physicists from across the region.

Mid-July saw the annual celebration of The Ogden Trust Schools Physicist of the Year event, celebrations of the most talented A level physicists across the country. The event is ran through the Ogden Trust and winners are supported in the rest of their physics journeys by the Trust, a charity with the sole aim of "making physics matter" through a range of different initiatives. The National Schools Observatory joined The Ogden Trust in celebrating the winners from across the Wirral and Cheshire region at a celebration evening held at Spaceport on the Wirral.

The winning students, along with their parents and teachers, had time to explore the visitor centre, including the recent simulator ride, Explorer 1, and the new Observatory exhibit provided and funded by the NSO and Astrophysics Research Institute at Liverpool John Moores University. This was followed by a buffet and a talk from Prof. Andy Newsam highlighting all of the unanswered questions around astronomy and astrophysics, and the need for more bright scientists to help answer these questions. With the dawn of new observatories and telescopes such as JWST (James Webb Space Telescope), SKA (Square Kilometre Array) and E-ELT (European-Extremely Large Telescope) just decades away, this is an exciting time to begin a career in physics.

Let us congratulate all of the winners again, and hope that in years to come they will continue with science at and past university and make a real difference to the world!