Tim Peake shows up at the World Museum

The NSO team finally meet
Tim Peake! Sort of...
Credit: A. Tyndall

 On Tuesday 2nd February, the NSO team joined 300 schoolchildren from across the country at the Liverpool World Museum for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to a real astronaut! Tim Peake appeared in a live broadcast from on board the International Space Station to answer questions posed by the children themselves, as part of an hour-long "Cosmic Classroom" event that was streamed online to audiences around the world.

Some of the questions Tim was asked included: "Is it fun to drink water out of a bubble?" (answer: YES!), "What can you see out of the window?" (answer: currently the Atlantic ocean, approaching Africa), "Does your heart beat faster in space?" (answer: it actually beats slower), and Tim's favourite: "What is your favourite button on the ISS and what does it do?" (answer: the button that opens the airlock into outer space!).

However, it wasn't all about science. The host of the event, Dr Kevin Fong, got all of the children involved in a big game of Simon Says, asking them to spin around, crouch down, and touch their toes. He then asked Tim to do the same, with some interesting results! Without gravity, Tim flipped backwards and upside-down when trying to touch his toes, and simply floated in a ball when he tried to crouch down!

Tim then showed the audience some fun things using bubbles of water. Things that are very normal on Earth suddenly become fun and exciting in outer space! Firstly, he showed us how to play ping-pong using a giant bubble of water and two "hydrophobic" (water-repellant) bats. Then, with another bubble of water, he inserted a soluable tablet. All of the schoolchildren were amazed by how the inside of the bubble started fizzing away, getting bigger and bigger as gas was released.

You can watch video highlights of the live stream on the BBC Newsround website.

Everybody had a fantastic day - children and adults alike - and were no doubt all dreaming of travelling amongst the stars that night!

Tim Peake plays bubble ping-pong in front of Dr Kevin Fong
and children at the Liverpool World Museum.
Credit: PA/ITV.com