Our focus this month: Careers


Welcome to October!


The NSO are going to be working with monthly themes going forward to better show you some of our content and link to events going on around the world. October is here and we are focussing on careers!

Do you know any budding astronomers, explorers, engineers, or mathematicians? Maybe that's you! We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new Careers section showcasing a variety of the jobs and careers linked to astronomy and space. Explore options suited to your interests; there's something for everyone. 

There are also dozens of career profiles of experts from all over the world, grouped by themes: computers, explaining, exploring, history, influencing, making things, nature, numbers, spaceflight, and stargazing.   

Use the topic tags at the bottom of each profile to explore links to activities and other resources on the NSO website. 

October is Black History Month and we will be highlighting the careers of Black space scientists on our social media channels. Follow @SchoolsObs to stay up to date. 


#ShowTheNSO - World Space Week 


This week is also World Space Week! It takes place between 4th and 10th October. The theme of World Space Week 2020 is "Satellites improve life". We have a NEW Learn section all about satellites.  

Our space hero this month is Julia Slingo. Julia was the Chief Scientist at the UK Met Office and championed the importance of communicating the dangers of climate change

Are you doing anything for space week? Maybe you could dress up as an astronaut, launch a rocket, or produce a brilliant research project.  We’d love to see it! #ShowTheNSO and tag us @SchoolsObs in your posts.