Our theme this month: Get involved!

Happy New Year!

Though it's a very strange one we hope we can bring some optimism.

A small reminder that our Explore activities are still available (created at the start of the first lockdown) and are designed for learners to complete independently, with many of them not requiring a computer. 

We did end 2020 on a high at the NSO and so a big thank you goes out to everyone who joined us and took part in our Christmas event. If you missed it or want to re-live the magic, it is available on our YouTube channel.


Get involved in 2021

Have you made a resolution to get more involved with space science and astronomy? We've collected lots of ways young people can get more involved (along with observing using the NSO and the Liverpool Telescope, of course!).

Making a Moon diary or counting stars are great mindful activities that connect us to the world around us. Apps or software like Stellarium can help you  to plan observations and learn to spot constellations.


UCAS & Careers 

The NSO wishes lots of luck to students applying to university through UCAS in the next week! Those fascinated by space science may want to check out our careers section, no matter what course they are applying for. 


#ShowtheNSO - Share your science with us!

Have you entered our Image of the Month Competition yet? The winner receives a canvas of their image.