NSO News Archive

2015/12/08 Tim Peake tries on his spacesuit for size
2015/11/26 James Webb Space Telescope gets its first mirror
2015/10/08 Aurora Borealis Visable
2015/09/09 STEMM Project-Coordinator Job Opportunity
2015/07/30 Work Experience Week 2015
2015/07/21 NSO Celebrate Local Physics Talent
2015/07/21 Award Winning Garden Relocated to Daresbury
2015/07/15 NSO tracks Pluto as New Horizons probe approaches
2015/07/09 NAM 2015: Teacher Training Day
2015/05/19 NSO wins Gold at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015
2015/02/25 Partial Solar Eclipse - 20th March 2015
2015/01/23 Remember Beagle 2?
2014/12/19 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
2014/12/03 Our Inaugural Primary Space Christmas Lecture
2014/11/13 Philae probe lands on comet!
2014/11/12 ROSETTA probe about to touch down!
2014/11/10 Observatories for Schools Event : Banbury : 23/01/2015
2014/10/15 Team Head to North West Astronomy Festival
2014/09/24 ESA Release A Level Teaching Films
2014/06/18 Mountain blast to make way for ‘World’s biggest eye on the sky’
2014/03/27 Ring system discovered around an asteroid
2014/03/19 BICEP2 claims the first direct evidence for gravitational waves
2014/01/20 Astronomers discover a black hole using LT observations
2014/01/15 And the Sir Patrick Moore medal goes to ....
2014/01/07 NSO exhibiting at the ASE Conference in Birmingham : 9-11th January
2013/12/20 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
2013/11/28 Comet ISON battered by the Sun
2013/11/06 The curious case of Kepler-78b
2013/10/23 Comet ISON on final approach to the Sun
2013/08/29 LT spectra confirm nature of naked-eye Nova
2013/08/15 Asteroid Competition Winner
2013/07/25 NSO Galaxy Garden wins Gold Medal at Tatton Park
2013/06/27 Three habitable zone planets found around a nearby star
2013/05/02 NSO Director to give Professorial Lecture
2013/04/23 Interview with a NASA Astronaut - Dr Piers Sellers
2013/03/26 The LT takes an early look at Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
2013/02/27 Liverpool Telescope tracks passing asteroid
2013/02/16 Meteor explosion over Russia causes widespread damage
2013/01/22 NSO celebrates its 50,000th observing request
2012/12/20 Is there another Earth just 12 light-years away?
2012/12/12 Geminid meteor shower set for a good show on 13th December
2012/12/10 A very sad day for UK astronomy
2012/11/18 Could this be the most distant galaxy ever discovered?
2012/11/08 Andy's Astro Tour stops off in Cornwall
2012/09/25 Interview with a NASA Astronaut - we need your questions !
2012/09/22 Fireball seen in UK skies - meteor or space junk ?
2012/08/25 The world has lost a true icon of space exploration
2012/08/09 Perseid meteor shower peaks on 11th / 12th August
2012/08/06 NASA's Curiosity rover arrives safely on Mars
2012/08/01 The NSO Director (Andy Newsam) is made a Professor
2012/07/20 The Big Bang North West 2012
2012/07/16 Work Experience Week at the ARI
2012/07/12 Hubble Space Telescope discovers a fifth moon orbiting Pluto
2012/06/25 LRO spacecraft reveals inside of Shackleton Crater
2012/05/25 New version of LTImage now available
2012/05/18 Countdown to the Venus transit on 6th June
2012/05/16 New LT support building opened on 3rd May
2012/04/18 Lyrid Meteor Shower : 21st - 22nd April
2012/03/27 Cassini Spacecraft makes low fly past of Saturn moon
2012/03/19 NSO students actively helping to track Near Earth Objects
2012/03/15 Visit by former NASA Astronaut, Professor David Hilmers
2012/03/03 Mars passes close to aphelic opposition
2012/02/25 NSO students are stars of the Sky at Night
2012/02/20 50th Anniversary of the first NASA astronaut to orbit Earth
2012/01/25 Biggest solar storm in a decade creates spectacular aurorae over the UK
2012/01/17 NSO Astronomers take centre stage on the BBC Stargazing Ferry
2011/12/15 Liverpool Telescope captures the earliest spectra of a Type Ia supernova
2011/12/09 Kepler Space Telescope discovers an Earth-like planet
2011/12/05 Liverpool Telescope helps to discover new type of Gamma-ray burst
2011/11/26 NASA's Curiosity Rover safely en route to Mars
2011/11/08 Liverpool Telescope offline for routine maintenance : 8th - 15th November
2011/11/06 Asteroid to pass within 325,000 km of Earth
2011/10/20 Liverpool Telescope captures a bright meteor fireball
2011/10/11 Competition to design a science experiment for space
2011/10/03 ALMA millimetre telescope opens its eyes
2011/09/20 NSO launches new stellar spectroscopy activity
2011/09/11 NASA's GRAIL mission blasts off to study the Moon's interior
2011/07/21 NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover completes 20 miles in 7 years
2011/07/12 Neptune - One orbit and counting
2011/07/08 Launch of the last ever Space Shuttle mission
2011/07/06 NSO collaborates on award winning play
2011/06/30 Most distant Quasar found with UK help
2011/06/20 Spacecraft creates detailed maps of Mercury's surface
2011/06/16 NASA's Dawn still on course to intercept the Vesta asteroid
2011/06/11 UK to witness a total lunar eclipse on the 15th June 2011
2011/06/06 Special offer from the Sky at Night Magazine
2011/05/12 Crab Nebula seen to erupt in a super-flare
2011/04/21 Recent solar flare caused by rotating sunspots
2011/04/08 Two dying stars to be reborn as one
2011/03/03 NSO users can now undertake 3-colour observations
2011/02/22 Keck Telescope spots black holes close to merging
2011/02/11 Poor weather has prevented NSO observations for the past 3 weeks
2011/02/03 Nasa's Kepler telescope has now found over a thousand Exoplanets
2011/01/26 New galaxy is the furthest visible object in the Universe
2010/12/06 NSO's own Moonsaic 5 project is underway
2010/11/27 Thin oxygen atmosphere found on Rhea
2010/11/06 Spacecraft gets detailed images of Comet Hartley 2
2010/10/22 The BBC's Sky at Night to celebrate its 700th edition
2010/10/18 20,000 observing requests and counting ...
2010/10/07 Cassini captures auroral display at Saturn's south pole
2010/09/30 Newly discovered exoplanet may be habitable
2010/09/22 Liverpool Telescope offline for routine maintenance : 24th - 28th September
2010/09/20 Welcome to the new NSO website
2010/07/15 Planck spacecraft reveals ancient view of the Universe
2010/06/16 Royal Astronomical Society - Newspaper Competition 2010
2010/06/10 Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught now visible to the naked eye
2010/06/08 Asteroid impact on Jupiter caught on video
2010/04/15 New Exoplanets found to orbit backwards
2010/03/23 Launch of the new UK Space Agency
2010/03/10 Poor weather prevents LT observations
2010/03/03 NSO Helps with Blue Peter Planet Hunt
2010/02/23 Interview with NASA Astronaut - Dr Rhea Seddon
2010/02/18 New WISE view of the Andromeda Galaxy
2010/01/23 Suggest the next Mars observation on HiRISE
2009/12/15 UK's New VISTA Telescope starts work
2009/12/08 Geminid Meteor Shower : 12 - 14th December 2009
2009/11/16 LCROSS spacecraft discovers water on the Moon
2009/11/12 Schools MoonWatch 19 - 29 November 2009
2009/10/06 LCROSS spacecraft set to crash on the Moon
2009/09/24 Results of the Moon Landing Competition
2009/09/16 New Gigagalaxy view of the Milky Way
2009/09/08 NSO Gravity Simulator goes live
2009/07/12 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing - Competition
2009/06/26 LRO spacecraft enters orbit around the Moon
2009/05/24 We are Astronomers domeshow is launched
2009/05/17 Liverpool Telescope captures departing spacecraft
2009/05/14 Successful double launch for ESA space telescopes
2009/04/28 New GRB becomes the most distant object known
2009/04/17 First light for the Kepler Planet Hunter
2009/04/02 100 Hours of Astronomy : 2nd - 5th April
2009/03/28 Spring MoonWatch Event : 28th March - 5th April
2009/03/25 1,000 schools now registered with the NSO
2009/03/16 Globe at Night Project : 16th - 28th March
2009/02/22 Comet Lulin now visible to the naked eye
2009/02/11 Two large satellites collide in low-earth orbit
2009/01/15 International Year of Astronomy 2009
2008/11/21 NSO celebrates 10,000 observing requests
2008/11/15 Extra-solar planetary system seen for the first time
2008/11/06 Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacts on Earth
2008/10/20 Astronomers find the first gamma-ray only pulsar
2008/10/12 STFC Christmas Card Competition
2008/09/06 Rosetta performs fly-by of asteroid Steins
2008/08/15 Cassini pinpoints source of icy jets on Enceladus
2008/07/22 Fourth dwarf planet is named Makemake
2008/07/17 Great Red Spot consumes smaller storm
2008/06/11 Plutoid chosen as the name for Pluto-like objects
2008/05/26 Phoenix spacecraft lands safely on Mars
2008/05/15 Youngest supernova remnant found in the Milky Way
2008/04/27 Send your class experiment to space
2008/04/10 New images of Mars' largest moon, Phobos
2008/03/18 NSO nominated for an Sir Arthur Clarke Award
2008/03/14 Cassini flies through water-plumes on Enceladus
2008/03/04 Avalanche seen on the planet Mars
2008/02/21 Lunar eclipse visible from the UK
2008/01/30 Asteroid passes close to Earth
2008/01/15 Messenger flies past Mercury
2007/11/29 LT does Research of the Year
2007/11/20 Brian May to be next Chancellor of LJMU
2007/10/25 Comet Holmes brightens suddenly
2007/10/04 50th anniversary of Sputnik
2007/09/18 Cassini's low fly-by of Iapetus
2007/08/06 Phoenix lander heads for Mars
2007/07/23 Saturn's 60th moon discovered
2007/07/09 New images of Saturn's sponge-like moon
2007/06/11 Hottest known planet is discovered
2007/05/04 Mercury found to have liquid core
2007/04/25 Astronomers discover Earth-like planet
2007/03/15 Large Sea discovered on Titan
2007/02/28 New Horizons probe flies past Jupiter
2007/01/22 Comet McNaught pays a visit