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Observatory visits

I'm in charge of A-level Physics at my school. Each year I try to take the Y12 students to Europe to see cutting edge science in action.

I'd like to arrange a trip to a European observatory. Does anybody know of decent educational trips that visit observatories and that are aimed at A-level students?

Thanks in advance.

Canaries observatories


The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (who run the observatories in the Canary Islands, including La Palma where the Liverpool Telescope is) arrange trips and residential stays at both Tenerife and La Palma observatories: http://www.iac.es/info.php?op1=24&lang=en

They tend to get quite over-subscribed, and obviously it is quite a long way to go, but the geology, geography and history of the islands do make for a very good cross-curricular field trip.

I'll also ask around about other observatories on mainland Europe, but I've had no personal experience at any.


Comet, M81

hello, can i find out how to observe comets and photograph them in long exposure? they are not on the list. Thans for the help

ESO Astronomy Camp

There's the ESO Astronomy Camp which takes place every winter.

There's also the International Astronomical Youth Camp, every summer: www.iayc.org


I'm so jealous

Im jelly i wish i could go to ESO, ligo or GTC