Processing RVB images.

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Processing RVB images.

Hey guys.


Just looking for some advice. If I'm processing a 3 colour nebula, do I put the R image into the first image slot, the V image into fhe 2nd slot and the B image into the third slot. 


It's seems when you make a 3 colour image doing that, V is essentially green but my image is kinda coming out under desired doing this.


Any help appreciated.



Hi Richie, our resident

Hi Richie, our resident LTImage expert is on holiday at the moment, so I can't check with him until early September regarding your query. However, can I just check with you that you are adjusting the values of the 3 different colours to get a better final image? Sometimes you need to adjust the red quite a lot to get the desired result.


All the best


I'm following the RGB Tutorial from this video.

I've put the Visiable Filter into Image slot 2. When I mess with the colours, this treats this as green if I'm not mistaken. Is that what I'm supposed to do with the Visible Filter image, so is that edited in a different manner, and then combined with the R filter image and the B filter image? 



As far as I am aware if you

As far as I am aware if you use the V filter in image slot 2 it should be ok, but I should really double check with Andy when he gets back. I will let you know what he recommends as soon as I can.

Seem to be working ok now.

Seem to be working ok now. Cheers.