Primary Bronze

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Primary Bronze

Suitable for ages 7 to 11


Some of the sessions require the use of computers and our free software, LTImage. Here is the link to LTImage and some screencasts that provide extra help on using the software.


  • Leader booklet (PDF)
  • Pupil workbook (PDF)


  • Pupil - Session 1 - Joining the NSO Instructions (PDF)
  • Pupil - Session 2 - The Moon Instructions (PDF)
  • Pupil - Session 6 - Submit Counting Stars Results (NSO web link)
  • Club Leader - Session 2 - Download Image of the Moon (NSO web link)
  • Club Leader - Session 3 - Play-Doh recipe and Risk Assessment (Web link)
  • Club Leader - Session 4 - Poster version of the temperature scale (NSO web link)
  • Club Leader - Session 5 - Rocketships Risk Assessment (PDF)
    • ​IMPORTANT: These rockets should be launched outdoors – do not place the bicarb of soda in with the vinegar until you are outside and ready to launch.