Stephan's Quintet?

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Stephan's Quintet?

I was wondering if it might be possible to add this target to the list? Probably for next year now as it's becoming less favourably placed.

I did look in the archive for either the Quintet itself or the foreground galaxy NCG 7320 but to no avail.

Hi QG_Tech

Yes - Stephan's/Stefan's Quintet is in the Go Observing Catalogue. It's not in the list at the moment when you go to Go Observing and select Observe a Galaxy, simply because it's not the easiest to observe right now (it's setting by around 12am), but it is available to request.

If you'd like to see all of the objects which are available then NSO students and teachers can go to

Go Observing>

GCSE Astronomy>

Observation of a Nebula or Galaxy (or 3 colour option)>

Set your timing constraints>

Select an object from the entire catalogue (Stefan's Quintet is an option)>

Select Exposure time and filters>Observing Condition requirements and then Submit!

I know this is a little complicated - it's the most complicated kind of observing we can do - but it does give you access to the entire catalogue!

Under our 'Observe a Galaxy/Nebula' etc. options we only show a selection of the objects visible at the time, this is because we try to ensure that you have the best chance of getting an observation back (usually these objects are visible throughout the night), but the list is not exclusive.

I must preface this with the fact that at the moment the telescope is actually down for repair and is not likely to get back observing for around 1 week - we are sorry about this, but if you'd like to see what the Quintet looks like through the telescope, then you can try the Data Archive where there have already been some observations taken - just search for 'Stefan's Quintet' - note the alternative spelling. This is a relatively new object in our catalogue and therefore has only been available since the end of May, but there are some successful observation in the archive.

I hope this helps - enjoy!


Many thanks for the detailed

Many thanks for the detailed reply Stacey, yes it helps a lot!

Addition to the list

Is it possible to Add PGC 41524 A superb ring Galaxy in Draco to the list Please


Quite small...

Hi Mike

PGC41524 is indeed lovely but it doesn't really fit the criteria we use when looking for objects that are of general interest. In particular we try to only include objects that are (a) at least 3 arcmin across, and (b) the most obvious object in the field-of-view. PGC41524 is less than 1 arcmin across and there are a couple of other galaxies very near that might tend to dominate the image. This means that it may be confusing for general users without your experience.

Does that make sense?