Age 7-11

Apollo 11 Reading Comprehension

Pupils study the front page of the Guardian newspaper from the time of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, then answer a series of comprehension questions.

Depending on pupil ability, the activity could be done either independently, or as part of a small teacher accompanied group.

As well as a copy of the original front page, there is also a transcription to make it easier to read, as well as detailed answers for the teacher.


Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 7-14 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn cynnwys cydosod jig-so mawr o'r Leuad. Mae’r canlyniad terfynol yn ddelwedd fanwl, lle gall y disgyblion wedyn defnyddio fo i astudio wyneb y Lleuad.

Dydd a Nos

Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 7-11 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn rhoi cyfle ymarferol i'r disgyblion i ddysgu am y dydd a’r nos. Gan ddefnyddio pêl o play-doh a thortsh, bydd y disgyblion yn darganfod sut mae cylchdro'r Ddaear yn achosi’r dydd a’r nos.

Light and Mirrors

Aimed at Key Stage 2 children, this is a series of science/literacy lessons aiming to teach technical report writing in a fun and interesting way, by using an scientific exploration of light and reflection as the subject matter!

The pupils are first given a mystery to solve (reason for writing) and then set out to solve the mystery by learning about how we see objects, how light reflects and how periscopes work.

5 x 60 minute lesson plans, together with PowerPoint slides and associated worksheets are available below.


Aimed at pupils aged between 7-14 this activity involves arrange a large jigsaw of the Moon. The end result is a detailed image, which the pupils then use to study the Moon’s surface.