The Space Debates (Secondary)

Engaging in scientific debates creates engaged citizens. This activity (aimed at students aged 11+) supports students to debate a topic linked to physics and astronomy. Students will practice their oracy skills and use of persuasive language, and develop their teamwork and critical thinking skills.

The Space Debate (Primary)

Scientists discuss and debate ideas continually. Aimed at pupils aged 7 - 11, this activity allows pupils to think about why we explore space. Pupils will form their own opinions, discuss ideas, and work in teams to form persuasive arguments. The session allows pupils to improve their speaking and listening skills, as well as develop their critical thinking and confidence.

Solar Rotation

Students access and use real data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory to estimate the rotation period of our Sun. Students will use digital tools, make accurate observations and measurements, apply mathematical knowledge, and evaluate their results.

You can download the individual files needed for this activity below, or this zip file (9mb) contains them all. 

Space Jobs

Aimed at pupils aged 7 - 14, this workshop provides an opportunity for pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of the different jobs available to people who enjoy space and science through class games, quizzes, and discussion. Pupils learn what a stereotype is and discuss gender stereotypes relating to jobs in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Pupils assess their own skills and qualities and develop an awareness of the skills and qualities of others around them. 

Apollo 11 Reading Comprehension

Pupils study the front page of the Guardian newspaper from the time of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, then answer a series of comprehension questions.

Depending on pupil ability, the activity could be done either independently, or as part of a small teacher accompanied group.

As well as a copy of the original front page, there is also a transcription to make it easier to read, as well as detailed answers for the teacher.