Age 11-14

Space Jobs

Aimed at pupils aged 7 - 14, this workshop provides an opportunity for pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of the different jobs available to people who enjoy space and science through class games, quizzes, and discussion. Pupils learn what a stereotype is and discuss gender stereotypes relating to jobs in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Pupils assess their own skills and qualities and develop an awareness of the skills and qualities of others around them. 

Pwys ar Blanedau

Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 11-14 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn gwneud defnydd o algebra sylfaenol a graffiau i atgyfnerthu'r syniadau o effeithiau disgyrchiant a sut mae’r effeithiau yna yn dibynnu ar le ydych chi yng Nghysawd yr Haul.


Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 7-14 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn cynnwys cydosod jig-so mawr o'r Leuad. Mae’r canlyniad terfynol yn ddelwedd fanwl, lle gall y disgyblion wedyn defnyddio fo i astudio wyneb y Lleuad.

Delweddu 3-Lliw

Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 11-16 oed mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn rhoi cyfle i’r disgyblion astudio sut mae delweddau hidlo yn cyfuno i greu delweddau lliw a hefyd, drwy ddefnyddio meddalwedd seryddol, cynhyrchu delweddau 3-lliw o wrthrych seryddol eu hunain.

Lunar Craters - Secondary

Aimed at pupils aged 11-14 this workshop provides an opportunity for both a scientific investigation and study of the Moon. Pupils investigate the lunar surface and analyse a region, looking at the number of craters and the distribution of those craters, learning about geological processes.

Hunting For Asteroids

Aimed at pupils aged 11-14 this workshop encourages pupils to ‘blink’ between several images, taken by the Liverpool Telescope, in a bid to find asteroids. The activity can then be extended to them using the LT Image software functionality to calculate the speed of the asteroids, or simply a discussion on what asteroids are and how we track them.


Aimed at pupils aged between 7-14 this activity involves arrange a large jigsaw of the Moon. The end result is a detailed image, which the pupils then use to study the Moon’s surface.

3-Colour Imaging

Aimed at pupils aged 11-16, this workshop provides students with an opportunity to use astronomical software, study how filtered images combine to make coloured images and allows the students to have a go creating their own 3-colour images of astronomical objects.

Lunar Mountains

Aimed at pupils aged 11-16, this workshop challenges students to measure the shadows cast on the Moon’s surface, then utilise algebraic techniques to determine the height of those mountains.