User Groups

It is incredibly important that the NSO hears from its users. We value your voice. This is what ensures we are responsive to the wants and needs of educators across the UK and Ireland.

That is why in 2021 we created 2 new user groups: the NSO Champions and an NSO Teachers' Network.

NSO Champions

Schools' Observatory Champion LogoThe NSO Champions meet 4 times a year to guide the direction and development of the NSO.

Our current Champions

Future membership

Membership of the Champions is currently still open to educators in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Liverpool City Region.

If you are interested in becoming a Champion now or in the future, please have a look through the current NSO Champions agreement and email

We want this group to be as representative as possible of the voice of educators throughout the UK and Ireland. Therefore, we have set the following targets:

  • There must be representation from primary, secondary, and further education levels.
  • There must be representation from at least 3 (ideally all 5) of the nations covered by the NSO: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
  • There must be a maximum of one teacher from a fee-paying school.
  • We would like representation from at least 2 teachers from the Liverpool City Region, in line with our commitment to Liverpool John Moores University and our civic duty.


NSO Teachers' Network

NSO Teacher Network Logo

The NSO Teachers’ Network was created to ensure that activities hosted on the NSO are fit for the classroom. It also provides the NSO with a direct feedback channel for any future developments teachers would like to see.

Teachers in the network get a first look at new NSO resources by testing and trying them out. They can also connect with each other and share resources and ideas through the free online communication platform Slack. Members of the Network are not required to attend any scheduled meetings or donate a set amount of time.

Sign up for the Teachers’ Network here.