View your images

Observations that you take using the Liverpool Telescope are returned to you in the form of data files called FITS files. You can process a FITS file to make a nice image and carry out measurements but you cannot open FITS using common photo editing software. It may make more sense to think of a FITS file as a document. As well as arrays of pixel data, it contains lots of other information.

So how do you open a FITS file to see your image? You need to use special software or applications designed to read FITS files. Luckily, the Schools' Observatory have created some for you to use for free! Choose AstroLab or LTImage, depending on your needs.


  • Open files directly into your browser
  • Open files directly from Go Observing
  • No installation needed
  • Use on any operating system or device
  • Requires access to the Internet
  • View and save images
  • Open unlimited images at once
  • "Blink" between images
  • Apply false-colour schemes
  • Measure size
  • Photometry (AstroLab Stellar only)

LT Image

  • Installation required
  • Windows OS required
  • Can run completely offline
  • View and save images
  • Open up to 4 images at once
  • "Blink" between images
  • Apply false-colour schemes
  • 3 colour imaging
  • Measure size and distance
  • Photometry