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If you are thinking about your future career, you may be considering different job titles. For example; lawyer, mechanic, nurse, teacher. However, if you only think about job titles you already know, you might miss some career opportunities. Why not think about what interests you? If you match your interests to your job, you are more likely to enjoy your job and succeed in your career.

For example - are you interested in influencing people? If so, careers working for international organizations or space agencies might appeal. What about numbers? Many careers in astronomy rely heavily on maths. Interested in making things? What about rocketry? Or working on some of the biggest telescopes on Earth?

While researching careers in space, you may read about astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. Astronomy is the main term we use to talk about studying objects in space. This could involve space missions, measuring the positions of objects in the night sky, or controlling a telescope. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy which looks in more detail at how physics works in space. This could be how stars produce energy through nuclear fusion, the formation of the first elements in the Big Bang, or the laws of physics which define the orbit of planets around stars. Another branch of astronomy is cosmology. Cosmology looks at the Universe as a whole; How did it start? Does it change over time? How will it end?

Explore the interests menu and take a look at the wide range of careers available for those who love space. Discover some of the skills involved, and the journeys people have taken to get their dream careers. It's not always as straightforward as you might expect!






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