Strategy 2023-2028

The Schools' Observatory has a 5-year strategy based on feedback from our staff, teacher champions, users and advisory board entitled.

The world is facing huge challenges. Climate change, energy crisis, food supplies… These challenges can be addressed by scientists and engineers. But there are not enough people with the skills needed for the modern world. We, The Schools’ Observatory, want to change that. We support teachers and inspire students to continue their journey in science, maths, engineering, and technology. Our resources allow for real science, real inquiry, and true inspiration about the world around us. We provide astronomy observations on our own professional telescope and an extensive website. Full of accurate information and engaging resources – encouraging exploration and curiosity. And an appreciation for our place in the Universe. We develop skills to think critically, handle data and become technologically literate. Supporting students to become empowered global citizens.

Our mission is to make the Universe accessible to everyone, empowering them to do more and know more. 

We have summarised our goals over the next 5 years in the short video below:





If you can help us achieve any of our goals, then please do email us (link in the footer).

The entire strategy document can be viewed here.