Access to the Universe

Your school doesn't need a telescope to explore the Universe. Use the National Schools’ Observatory. It’s free.

The National Schools’ Observatory (NSO) enables your school to:

  • Request observations from a professional robotic telescope. 
  • Collect, process, and analyse real data to do real science. 
  • Teach science topics in a practical and hands-on way.
  • Use our space-themed classroom activities (also available in Welsh).

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Can I get access?

Teachers in the UK or Republic of Ireland 

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Other Educators

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Who are the National Schools’ Observatory?

The National Schools’ Observatory is part of Liverpool John Moores University. We use the inspirational topic of space to promote understanding and enjoyment of STEM subjects. Our team of professionals with experience in science research and education are here to support you. We offer regular training and development sessions.

Observations are collected by the Liverpool Telescope, a fully robotic observatory on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. It is owned and operated by Liverpool John Moores University’s Astrophysics Research Institute in the north west of England, UK. The NSO was founded to provide a web-based user-friendly link between schools and the observatory.

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