Moonsaic 1 - Data

The following JPEG files relate to the Moonsaic 1 project. The ZIP file below contains everything you need.

Download Moonsaic 1 ZIP file

However, if you are unable to download or unpack ZIP files on your system, you will need all of the following.

Moonsaic 1

ms1_01.jpg ms1_02.jpg ms1_03.jpg ms1_04.jpg ms1_05.jpg
ms1_06.jpg ms1_07.jpg ms1_08.jpg ms1_09.jpg ms1_10.jpg
ms1_11.jpg ms1_12.jpg ms1_13.jpg ms1_14.jpg ms1_15.jpg
ms1_16.jpg ms1_17.jpg ms1_18.jpg ms1_19.jpg ms1_20.jpg
ms1_21.jpg ms1_22.jpg ms1_23.jpg ms1_24.jpg ms1_25.jpg

You will also need this small version of the complete image map, to help students identify where each piece should go.

Moonsaic 1 Map