Image of the Month - May 2016

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Milne's High School

For the image of the month for May we thought we would revisit the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter. This wonderful image was taken early in the night, when the planet Jupiter looks like a bright star in the evening sky. It has been visible in the UK in this way for the last few months, but June provides better conditions for observing Saturn and Mars - so keep a look out for some very bright 'stars' in the sky. If you'd like to know what objects are good to see each month then check out our Night Sky segment each month, or on the home page look to the far right Sun and Moon rise and fall times, but also the planets which will be observable each night, which can also be found here! If you open this image of the month in LT Image and bring down the 'scaling' feature, then although you will lose the detail on the surface of Jupiter (this month we can clearly see the bands of different clouds and the great red spot to the bottom right of the image), something else appears - 3 of Jupiter's closest moons! It's always interesting to play with this scaling feature to see what else is hiding in your images!