Calling All Citizen Scientists!

The Hubble Tuning Fork
Credit: NSO

Scientists based here at the Astrophysics Research Institute have launched a new project and are seeking the support of citizen scientist volunteers from around the world.

The project involves classifying around 50,000 galaxies, a task that is far better suited to the human eye, rather than computer programs. We have therefore teamed up with Galaxy Zoo, a crowd-sourced astronomy project which invites members of the public  to help classify large numbers of galaxies.

Galaxies are classified according to their shape and structure and a classification scheme, known as the Hubble Tuning Fork exists to assist with this process. 

If you'd like know more about how galaxies are classified, please feel free to look at our workshop on this very subject: Galaxy Classification Workshop

To begin classifying galaxies and helping with this research, please head to: Galaxy Zoo